Dance Award Price List 2022

Updated: Jul 14

Silver Rose Award £22.00

Gold Rose Award £23.00

Bronze Medal £16.00

Silver Medal £17.00

Gold Medal £18.00

Silver Shield £28.00

Gold Shield £29.00

1st Statuette £31.00

2nd Statuette £32.00

Performance Cup £42.00

Silver Mime Award £17.00

Gold Mime Award £18.00

Preparatory £32.00

Primary £34.00

Intro to Grade 1 £35.00

Grade 1 £37.00

Grade 2 £38.00

Grade 3 £39.00

Grade 4 £45.00

Grade 5 £47.00

Grade 6 £50.00

Grade 7 £51.00

Grade 8 £55.00

Intermediate £65.00

Advanced Foundation £73.00

Advanced 1 £74.00

Advanced 2 £80.00

Professional Development (Diploma) £114.00

Scholarship students - please pay £2 only for your exams

Please note that there is a small administration charge included in the above fees

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