SHOW 2019

SHOW 2019

Dress rehearsals start next week Tuesday 21st May to Saturday 25th May. Please bring costumes to the studio and make sure they are labelled up. If you have not collected costumes yet, they will be at the studio on the day of their class rehearsal…if they are not paid for then they will still wear them but we will take them back and keep them until paid for. Prices will be posted on website and face book page but please note if fees are outstanding they must be paid for first.

Tights can be bought at the studio tan and white are both in stock. Lessons as normal during May break except festival classes and then we start our show week remember no dance classes during show week.

Stage rehearsals are on the notice board, website and face book page. Tuesday is for the younger students and Wednesday the older students.

On show nights Thurs, Fri and Sat please arrive by no later than 6.45 although the stage door will be open from 6.15p.m, Please make sure hair is in a LOW bun and we can do their makeup for them but if you want to do makeup for your child please use Leichner Biscuit base and brown and gold eye shadow and red lipstick. A picture of this can be found on our face book page. Any questions please ask me…have a fantastic show and please try and sell a few more tickets if you can…many thanks Miss Wendy

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