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Legal Disclaimer

We, the staff of the Wendy Morton Academy, recognise the importance of making parents and students aware of the risks associated with dancing, particularly acrobatics. Acrobatics involves lifts, tricks and builds. Dancers may suffer injuries due to the inherent nature of the sport of dancing Wendy Morton Academy insists that parents and guardians are aware of these risks and in turn, the parents and guardians should make their children aware of the possibility of injury. Then the parents can make an informed opinion as to whether their child should participate in dance at any level.

Wendy Morton Academy are insured but will not accept any responsibility for an y injuries sustained by and dancer during the classes. Wendy Morton Academy staff members will not accept responsibility for any injuries sustained by any dancer during the course of any show exhibition or competition or in class time.

Parents/guardians whose children do have health conditions are advised to wait in reception or at any dance or competition venue at all times.

Child Protection

The academy has a child protection policy which is read by all resident and visiting staff and is available to read on the academy website.

By signing the enrolment form, you agree to the terms and conditions of our legal disclaimer and have read and understood the Academy's Child Protection Policy.

Code of Conduct

All students and parents are to conduct themselves in a courteous and respectable manner at all times. Gossiping by a student or parent about another student or parent is not tolerated. Disrespecting a faculty member or another student may lead to suspension or being asked too leave the studio permanently.


Any signs of bullying at the Wendy Morton Academy will be taken seriously. All children will be encouraged to speak about their concerns here tab the Academy. All allegations will be investigated and actions will be taken to ensure the studio remains a safe and productive environment.

Records will be kept of anything said in a confidential manner and any concerns must be reported to the principal (Miss Wendy) immediately. After investigation, alleged bullies will be spoken to, to help them understand the consequences of their behaviour and an apology will be taught after where required. Parents will be informed of any situation arising here at the Academy.


Wendy Morton Academy if committed too providing a safe working environment for Teachers, Students, visitors and contractors. We ask all parents to consider the safety of all mentioned above and to communicate any information that would improve safety.

The movement of children to and from parents is always supervised by a member of the Wendy Morton Academy staff, who will be aware of the importance of ensuring the safety of children. Our staff are DBS checked to enswurethe safety of your children at all times.

The entry code fo the door at the studio should never be disclosed to anyone outside of they Academy. Parents should wait in reception and never pass into the studio without being accompanied by a member of the Wendy Morton Academy staff. If anybody requires assistance, please feel free to ring the doorbell and a member of staff will be sure to help you. Students are to check with teachers before opening the door to allow anyone into the building.

Payment & Holidays

Payment can be made by Cash or Cheque. The Academy has a receptionist present all day on Saturdays should anybody require assistance with fees or information regarding exams, etc. or you can email the principal (Miss Wendy). Discounts cannot be given to anyone whose fees are more than two weeks in arrears. Exam fees and festival fees cannot be accepted if fees are overdue. 

Each student is entitled to 4 weeks holiday every year, plus any weeks the Academy is closed (usually 2 weeks at Christmas). For more information regarding holidays, please speak to a member of the Academy staff.

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