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ENCHAINMENT Steps linked to form a short sequence

ASSEMBLE To assemble, to join feet together

SOUTENU To sustain or hold

FONDU T o melt - a smooth bending movement of the supporting leg

ECHAPPE To escape - a movement of the legs from a closed to an open position

RELEVE A strong rise or snatch into demi point keeping toes in contact with the floor

CROISE Crossed(body alignment) the front foot is nearest to the audience

OUVERT open (body alignment)

ARABESQUE A balanced pose on one leg with the other leg extended behind a terre or en l'air in ouvert

A TERRE The working foot remains on the ground

EN L'AIR In the air. The working foot is off the ground

PAS DE CHAT Step of the cat


GLISSE A glide or slide

RONDE DE JAMBE A circling or rounding action of the working leg

EN DEHORS Outward action of the working leg

EN DEDANS Inward action of the working leg

RETIRE A drawing up action of the working foot

ATTITUDE A pose - a contained position based on curves

CHASSE To chase

EN AVANT movements travelling forward - to the front

EN ARRIERE movements travelling backwards

BALANCE To rock -

DE COTE To travel sideways

SOUBRESAUT A spring in the air in 3rd or 5th position without changing the feet on landing

PAS DE BOURREE A running step. step of the bourree , an old french dance.

SUR PLACE An action performed without travelling


FRAPPE To strike


DE PIED On the neck of the foot.

DEVELOPPE A sustained unfolding action of the working leg


EPAULEMENT A use of the shoulders in relation to the body

A DEUX BRAS (Two) with both arms

TEMP LIE Time - linked - a linking movement incorporating a transference of weight

PIROUETTE A Whirl - spinning action performed on one leg


SISSONNE Scissor action - a jump from two feet to one

FERME To close -an action which ends with the feet together in a closed position

BATTU To beat - a beating action of the legs

ENTRECHAT To interweave or braid - a jump in which the feet cross and the legs beat in the air

QUATRE Four-four interweaving action , two with each leg

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